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It was my 1st time ordering from Urbanog.com because the items were super cute and SUPER cheap. After several attempts of delivery form UPS, I notified Urbanog.com to let them know I never received my items.

They told me it was UPS mistake and that I would have to pay ANOTHER shipping and handling fee. Long story short, After COUNTLESS back and forth emails to Urbanog.com about who was responsible for paying a reshipping fee, I had to report them to paypal just to get my money back because they refused to either reship the items or give me a full refund.

Their customer service was HORRIFIC and as a frequent online shopper this is the 1st dispute I have had in my 15 years of purchasing online!! #BuyerBeware #UgetWhatUpayFor

Monetary Loss: $90.

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They normally send either a store credit or a refund when filling a claim.You should contact and see what they can do. they are really accommodating as far as my experience went. :)

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